HP Goblin Peon 60HP Goblin Thief 80HP Goblin Sorcerer 40HP Goblin Warrior 110HP Goblin Archer 80HP Rarity Event Varieties Thief, Warrior, Peon, Sorcerer, Archer Attack Damage ?? Spawn Times Goblin Army Event Areas Surface, Underground Drops Coins, Spiky Balls, Harpoons

The Goblin Army is one of the 2 armies in Terraria. The other being the Frost Legion. It is made of Goblin Sorcerer, Goblin Warrior, Goblin Thief, Goblin Peon, and Goblin Archer. Goblin Sorcerers stand in one spot and shoot Chaos Balls that go through walls and can be destroyed by applying 1 damage to them. Goblin Warriors have the most health and defense, can break doors, and attack you like any other walking enemy. Goblin Thieves can break doors faster than any other goblin. Goblin Peons are the weakest of the army and make up the bulk of it. Goblin Archers have been added in 1.1 and shoot arrows that cannot be deflected. It stands in one place when it has established a line of fire.