Welcome to Terraria first of all!

If you are new like me, this may help cause I have made a ton of mistakes. Hints to why I have a new graveyard next to my house.

As stated above, these are more tips than how to play the game, add a little laughter in to make sure you remember it.

1. Don't go underground without tourches or some type of light.

I did this, found myself dead in a few minutes cause I couldn't see a thing and didn't know slime and wood could make tourches.

2. When choosing a weapon, find the one that works best for your game play.

Since I am new, I have played with many of the weapons. But at the moment, I am a fan of the copper pickaxe, I can sit there and mine away on my tunnel and kill slimes or zombies.

3. Do not use copper pickaxe against bosses.

Unless you really want to die or think you can kill them. I am a type of guy who walks around with what I came into the world with. No armor, no weapon, just me, my axe and my pickaxe. Walked into the wrong place, died in two seconds from a mean skull head. (I know it's name but go find it so we know you are reading.)

4. Build your house to keep monsters out and npc's alive. (If you want them to, if not. Move onto hint 5)

Starting out, we all dislike nights I think. I remember mine, build a nice house for me and my guide. Didn't realize there was going to be a party of zombies coming and watched them as they opened the door, danced on my body and took my guide away from the world. If you don't want this to happen, build your house where zombies have to jump and open the door at the same time. They just can't do it....yet.

5. Throws bombs away from you, not at your feet.

If you light a bomb, you are either blowing up a tree up, ground or monsters. But if you happen to drop it or it comes back to you. Run like the wind cause it hurts...Don't believe me? Try it yourself.

6. Blood moons, stay inside or learn how to control the crowd.

If you are new and haven't had one of these, you are lucky in my eyes. On a normal night, I find you get about three zombies at a time. On a Blood Moon night, you get about seven to eight I believe. Too busy trying to stay alive to count them all. So keep your back against the wall with a good weapon that can kill them quickly. (The copper pickaxe does not do that. I tested it myself. Trust me.)

7. Well, so far that is it. I will be sure to add more as I die!