Wall of Flesh

HP 8000 Attack Damage 50 (melee) Defense 12 (Mouth) 0 (Eyes) Spawn Area The Underworld Drops Always Pwnhammer 5-20 Healing Potion 8 Any one of these Laser Rifle Breaker Blade Clockwork Assault Rifle Ranger Emblem Warrior Emblem Sorcerer Emblem Summoned By Killing the Guide by allowing the Guide Voodoo Doll to fall into lava in the underworld

The Wall of Flesh is your last major hurdle on the way to Hard-mode and is the hardest summonable pre 1.1 boss. It shoots lasers out of its eyes and spits leeches out of the mouth when you get too close. As its health goes down the lasers start to come out more rapidly and it starts to speed up.

Weaknesses: Has 0 defense in the eyes, massive hit zones.

Strengths: Constant movement, making it an on the run fight, shoots lasers, has The Hungry to make a Mob shield, spits Leeches, must be fought in Hell so there is lava. If you stray too far from it, the wall will use the "tounge", which is a long tentacle like tounge that will pull you back to a relevant distance, the "tounge" will also be used if you manage to get behind the wall.

How to Kill: You will need a giant flat bridge across Hell as it is an on the run fight. You will need end pre 1.1 gear(molten gear, Night's Edge, Minishark/Phoenix Blaster) and have a lot of defense. The fight will pretty much be you spamming your gun at the eyes. Night's Edge is only good when the hungry fly at you. You should keep your distance as it will spit leeches if you try to melee. 8000 health is a pretty big baricade so you need the best type of bullets available to you(meteor shot or silver bullets)